About Us

After 15 years working in a laboratory at South West Water, when someone suggested to me that I should try my hand at soap making I had to Google it to see if it was even possible from home.  To my surprise, I found a recipe and gave it a go, the first batch turned out really well and my friends loved it…I have to say from the first attempt I was hooked and SoapDaze was born. Can you believe that was ten years ago.


Using the traditional cold press method, I knew right from the beginning that I wanted it to be good for the earth, not just environmentally friendly but also vegan, as well as amazing for everyone’s skin. That ethos goes right the way through the brand now, from the original soap collection to our newest product, luxurious bath mylks. I spend a long time researching and developing each and every recipe with a lot of trial and error to make sure everything is just so – including finding the best UK suppliers for all of my ingredients.


As well as ensuring that the ingredients are the best, a really big part of the brand is to be zero waste. The process of soap making has very minimal waste, I give away the 25 litre containers and buckets that my coconut and olive oils comes in, I use freecycle to get a lot of my packaging, we even make the soap shavings into free samples. It is really important to me that we minimise our impact on the environment as much as we can, so we are always looking for ways.


Since starting at the kitchen table ten years ago, converting the garage into a workshop in 2016 the business has come a long way. We now have a work/shop in Exeter city centre which was something I have dreamed of for a while. I always wanted somewhere where people can see the soap being made and buy it at source. So come and find us at 126 Fore Street, Exeter…if you cant see the shop, you’ll be able to smell the deliciousness from further up the road. See you there.