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Eyeshadow Refills

Eyeshadow Refills


106 - Pearly Bronze
121 - Pink Champagne
122 - Pearly Desert Rose
123 - Pearly Khaki Grey
125 - Pearly Sunshine Pink
126 - Pearly Golden Petal
127 - Pearly Peacock Blue
128 - Pearly Tiramisu
129 - Pearly Taupe
130 - Pearly Intense Brown
131 - Pearly Sienna Earth
132 - Pearl Peach Pink
133 - Pearly Goldy
201 - Matt Ivory
206 - Matt Black
210 - Matt Peachy Pink
213 - Matt Army Green
270 - Ultra Pearly Champagne
271 - Ultra Pearly Coppered Pink
272 - Ultra Pearly Fairy Pink
273 - Ultra Pearly Purple Rain
274 - Ultra Pearly Bronzed Brown
275 - Ultra Pearly Golden Orange
279 - Ultra Pearly Diamond Grey
280 - Satin Cocoa
281 - Ultra Shiny Burgundy Sequin
282 - Ultra Shiny Silver Lilac Sequin
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With Zao eyeshadow refills you can create your own duo palette choosing from twenty-three eyeshadows in matt, pearly and ultra-pearly metallic shades for every occasion. 

Choose from:

201 Matt Ivory opens up and enlarges eyes when used in the corner of the eye or as a base

206 Matt Black is indispensable for the ultimate smoky-eyed makeup, doubling also as an eyeliner

210 Matt Peachy Pink is perfect for a nude look that adds a touch of warmth

213 Matt Army Green is a hip, bottle green shade that works especially well with brown eyes

106 Pearly Bronze has metallic reflections to add drama. 

121 Pink Champagne is an iridescent shade that illuminates skin.

122 Pearly Desert Rose can be used with all shades, an essential in the collection. In different lighting, it can appear grey, or warmer with purple reflections

123 Pearly Khaki Grey is a slate grey with a hint of green. Iridescent, it is perfect for adding drama to your look.

128 Pearly Tiramisu can be used to create a dramatic smoky eyes look, or used in the outer corner of the eye for definition

129 Pearly Taupe intensifies your look and is perfect also for accentuating green eyes

130 Pearly Intense Brown intensifies eyes with its neutral colouring

131 Pearly Sienna Earth is a hot catwalk shade for this summer, a red ochre shade that commands attention to your eyes

132 Pearly Peach Pink has intense summer vibes with its pinkish peach shade, warm and iridescent for a hot summer glow

133 Pearly Goldy is a golden sand shade with iridescent mother-of-pearl finish to create illumination to eyes

270 Ultra Pearly Light Champagne opens up and enlarges eyes when used in the corner of the eye.

271 Ultra Pearly Coppered Pink is a versatile coppery pink that works well when applied to the corners of the eye, but also over the entire eyelid. With golden highlights to illuminate, the shade creates a warm glow to add depth to eyelids. 

272 Ultra Pearly Fairy Pink is discreet and sweet, a fresh shade to accentuate your eyes.

273 Ultra Pearly Purple Rain is ideal for the smoky eyes look and can also be used in the outer corner of the eye to add drama. 

274 Ultra Pearly Bronzed Brown is bright, warm and seductive, adding depth to your eye makeup on all occasions. 

275 Ultra Pearly Golden Orange warms up fair skin and also dull, lifeless complexions.

279 Ultra Pearly Diamond Grey reflects light intensely to brighten your look. Ideal for the party season, this metallic shade is sure to be a party hit. 

280 Satin Cocoa is an essential shade for smoky eyes, and can also be used as an eyeliner

281 Burgundy Sequin is an ultra pearly burgundy for the ultimate party look. 

282 Silver Lilac Sequin is an ultra pearly silver with lilac undertones, ideal for opening up eyes and reflecting light, this shade is perfect for every big occasion